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Dunkirk Wine & Spirits

Welcome to Dunkirk Wine & Spirits!

Opened in June 2006, Dunkirk Wine & Spirits has steadily built up an extremely loyal client base and continued to treat those customers with the best service in Dunkirk. Our wine selection has been completely overhauled to meet customer demand.

We offer our customers one of the largest selections of Craft Beers and Fine Wine selections in the area!

The beer selection has also been revamped and expanded. We now also offer BUILD-A-6-PACK. Come in to pick up some of your favorites or try a new one!


WINE OF THE WEEK - Please visit our store EVERY FRIDAY for a new WINE OF THE WEEK (Tasting 2pm - 7pm)

BEER OF THE WEEK - Please visit our store EVERY FRIDAY for a new BEER OF THE WEEK (Tasting 2pm - 7pm)


10802 Town Center Blvd     Dunkirk, MD 20754

Have questions about something in stock? An upcoming event? Want a favorite wine/beer to be put in  the cooler so it's chilled when you pick it up? Just call the store, 410-286-9235,  we'll be happy to answer any questions, or  make sure your favorite beverage is chilled when you  get to the store...And remember, if it is available in the state of Maryland, we will be happy to order it for you at no additional cost.


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Make sure to check  the blog 'Beth's News' for information on the wine of the week and a great recipe to serve it with....also information on any 'special tastings' that will be happening . Check the Beer page for our weekly beer  tasting information and what's 'on tap' at the growler station.

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