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Full service & knowledgeable advice...Fairly priced.


 Unbreakable, small, easily packed, perfect for the boat, the camper, the RV, the tent, the backpack, in both silverr and spiced...now isn't that nice! Price good, while supply lasts.



We got a great deal on Skyy vodka...in litre size....so we are passing the great savings on to  our customers!!  Come in and take advantage of this sale!







Looking for a special sale? Check the Manager's Special; 10% Off Cart, and the $1.00 Over Cost Cart.  Prices apply to only those items in the carts.



Looking for a gift? We have Maryland Flag branded wine bottle carriers, lunch totes, cooler totes, bottle cozies  and a stationary bottle opener.....or maybe you'd like to  pick out a nice bottle of rose' to take as a hostess gift.         



Have questions about something in stock? An upcoming event? Want a favorite wine/beer to be put in  the cooler so it's chilled when you pick it up? Just call the store, 410-286-9235,  we'll be happy to answer any questions, or  make sure your favorite beverage is chilled when you  get to the store...And remember, if it is available in the state of Maryland, we will be happy to order it for you at no additional cost.

The largest craft beer selection in the area!!!

WINE OF THE WEEK - Drop in  EVERY FRIDAY to for our weekly free wine tasting. Taste the Wine of the Week, along with a few other selections, from 2pm to 7pm.

BEER OF THE WEEK - Drop in EVERY FRIDAY for a new BEER OF THE WEEK . Tasting runs from 2pm to 7pm.

Make sure to check out these great sale prices!!!


10802 Town Center Blvd     Dunkirk, MD 20754

 Opened in June 2006, Dunkirk Wine & Spirits has steadily built up an extremely loyal client base and continued to treat those customers with the best service in Dunkirk..we have the best customers in the world! Our wine selection is unmatched for variety, quality and value. The selection is not static, new domestic and imported wines are  always being added to ensure our customers never have to settle for a boring wine. If you like whiskey, our selection of both American and imported whiskeys is sure to please, not only do we have all the "usuals", but unique and hard to find varieties as well, sure to please any whiskey aficionado. We take pride in offering one of the largest, most varied selections of craft beer in the area, both  on the shelf and on tap  Our goal is to offer our customers the best selection, best value, and best service in Calvert County!

Make sure to check   'Beth's News' for information on the wine of the week and a great recipe to serve it with....also information on any 'special tastings' that will be happening . Check the Beer page for our weekly beer  tasting information, new beers in the store, and an occasional beer review.

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