Beer Buzz, May 17, 2017

Unibroue Terrible , Belgium Quad
Now Terrible is not what one would normally think of to name a beer that  went on to win 4 Gold medals: 3 from the World Beer Championship, Chicago Beer Testing Institute, 2012. 2013, 2014; and one from the World Beer Awards, London, UK, 2014. I would call this marvelous, dahling...just maaahvalous!!!! This is possibly my favorite quad. Rich, smooth, taste of caramel, spice, roasted malt with a fantadtic warm alcohol finish.....and speaking of alcohol, this comes in at 10.5% abv, it should be served in at cellar temp, about  60 degrees, and in a tulip glass or brandy don't fret if you have neither of these, it will taste great from a regular beer mug, too!

Maui Coconut Hiwa Porter

This is a  great introduction porter, for those who have been wanting to try a dark beer, but had fear....don't fear the Hiwa!!! This beer is nice and mellow, medium mouth feel. The coconut does not scream at you, but is very subtle. This is on the lower end in abv for porters/stouts  at 6%. A good way to jump into the world of dark heavy beers.

 Jailbreak Feed The Monkey
Orange Hefeweizen..5.6 abv 14 ibu
In an effort to do as I often advise customers to do...I went outside of my usual box, and went back to my beer roots..a little backstory: Until 2002 I  n e v e r  as in never, drank beer. I thought it all tasted the same, that is, had no real flavor at all, except for bad and was a poor substitute for water. That changed when a very dear friend practically forced me to drink an unfiltered wheat beer...the earth moved, angels sang, and a whole new world of  beer drinking fun opened up to me....back to  now: While Feed the Monkey is not  an unfiltered beer, it is a fine example of what makes people love hefeweizens...this is one is brewed with oranges, perefectly balances citrus and spice . This one made remember just how much I like a good hefeweizen.

From our Mystery IPA Reviewer:

Southern Tier Unfiltered 2x ipa
Crisp, sweet with floral hops notes on the back end. If an IPA and a pilsner had a baby, this would be there prodigy child. Clean and refreshing yet hoppy and unforgiving

Stone enjoy by 5/29/17
Good IPAs find a balance between hops, bitterness, malt and fruit. Stone takes this to another creating yet another crisp,vibrant hoppy beer. Very easy on the palate and a great IPA to ring in Summer 

Post Script:
A little aside:The name,  Feed the piqued my curiousity...I had to know the meaning, cause I knew it had to have a meaning. I did what all curious people with enquiring minds do...I googled it! Nope, not putting it here,  but  feel free to google it yourself....

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