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There's so much to enjoy about summer—Nice weather,baseball,crab feasts,wine in cans...yes,I said wine in cans. I can hear you groaning. These wines are a little different though. Inspired by the famous beach in St.Tropez Pampelonne has created tasty sparkling wine cocktails using fine French wine to capture the essence of summer. They aren't cloyingly sweet but crisp and refreshing.Portable,non-breakable, sophisticated cocktails to carrry with to the beach,pool or picnic! Only 120 calories a can. What's not to love! I have five different flavors-

The French 75 cocktail is a twist on the classic with aromas of juniper and meyer lemons with notes of spicy bergamot then elderflower on the finish. Not too sweet,and all delicately folded into crisp fresh french wine.

The Negroni is refreshing and pleasingly bubbly, with a hint of blood orange and bitters. It's delicious. Like, perhaps too delicious. I could easily see myself having a reckless number of these in an outdoors setting. Proceed at your own peril.

Rose' Lime is next-This one is definitely summer in a can- created with French Muscadet wine, infused with all natural lime, passion fruit, grapefruit, and sparkling water. Zesty and crisp -perfect for a hot day!

Black Cherry Bicicleta-tastes boldly of black cherry and yuzu. The old men who typically drink its namesake (made from Campari, white wine, and soda) on summer days and then supposedly drunkenly bicycle home probably don’t know much about the zesty Japanese citrus, but this can was made for afternoons alfresco anywhere.

And lastly the Blood Orange Spritz- a time-honored spritz, reinvented with tropical notes of passion fruit and citrus leading into the signature blood orange bitters. It appeals with it's bursting ripeness and refined notes of chinchona all blended into fresh,balanced french wine.

These are not your Grandma's canned drinks! You should stop in and try them on Friday while they're open. Priced at only $12.99 for a four-pack which is much lower than most places seem to be charging.

I will also open the new Paxis white blend which is already a favorite here with it's round,friendly nature and summery flavors of peaches and lemons-it's really very refreshing and good with many different foods. Only $9.99.

For those of you seeking a serious red,don't worry, I am opening Infinito-A dense and chewy red with flavors that sound like a grown-up version of a candy store: Belgian chocolate, cherry cream soda, vanilla, allspice, and strawberry cake. When flavors like that are coming from a massively tannic and full bodied red wine, magic happens. A blend of Monastrell and Cabernet Sauvignon aged separately for eighteen months then blended by the expert winemaker.I have it on sale for $24.99-don't miss tasting this one!

All these and more on Friday 2-7pm.


Best Grilled Chicken Ever


1/4 c. balsamic vinegar

3 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil

2 tbsp. brown sugar

3 cloves garlic, minced

1 tsp. dried thyme

1 tsp. dried rosemary

4 chicken breasts

Kosher salt

Freshly ground black pepper

Freshly chopped parsley, for garnish


  1. In a medium bowl, whisk together balsamic vinegar, olive oil, brown sugar, garlic, and dried herbs, and season generously with salt and pepper. Reserve ¼ cup.
  2. Add chicken to the bowl and toss to combine. Let marinate at least 20 minutes and up to overnight. 
  3. Preheat grill to medium high. Add chicken and grill, basting with reserved marinade, until cooked through, 6 minutes per side. 
  4. Garnish with parsley before serving



This Gose is brewed with cantaloupe and black lava sea salt for a refreshing mix of savory and tart while an addition of oak-smoked wheat to the grain bill adds hints of smoke to the finish for a sophisticated, yet highly refreshing brew. The choice of orange and black ingredients is no coincidence, where we come from, these are the colors of summer! Step up to plate and swig away!

This great summer beer will be open for tasting on Friday. It will be $1 off a sixpack too!

Have a fun,safe week,



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